You Really Need to Check Cyprus out

What if I told you one of the most enjoyable get-away destinations in the world is located in an island republic tucked away in the Middle East? Most people would roll their eyes and reply with a curt “no thanks”. Believe it or not, Cyprus- a small republic containing islands on the Mediterranean and close to Turkey- is one of the most beautiful places you could go to on a sightseeing adventure. Don’t close the page just yet, by the time you’re done reading this. Your opinion might have been changed and you’ll most likely book a ticket for the next flight to Cyprus.

Cyprus Beautiful Islands- Think about the kind of places we travel to mentally when meditating or practicing yoga. A beautiful beach with grainy white sand. The refreshing feel of the salty sea wind blowing through your hair, against your face and filling your nostrils, down into your lungs and back up through those same nostrils. Foamy rolling waves, rising and falling rhythmically to the cosmic drum beats of the wind roaring in your ear. Clear, turquoise blue waters. A feeling of peace and oneness with the universe. Take this experience a notch higher and you have the experience of vacationing in Cyprus. You can’t get enough of the beautiful views of nature and water from beaches in places like Larnaca, Nissi beach and the ocean view off the town of Cape Greco

Historical Archaeological sites:  Ancient marble Church ruins from the Byzantine times, Mosaic patterns, and designs, castles cited on rocky hilltops and century-old statues… Cyprus’ historical sites look like somewhere from an edition of the Indiana Jones movie. Apart from the historical artefacts being there mostly untouched, there are museums too like the Cyprus museum in Nichosia which catalogue the most important stuff and help you get the historical background. There are myths about the birthplace of Aphrodite (the goddess of love, called Venus by the Greeks) being located at ‘Petra Tou Romiou’. If you ask me, that could be a nice place to share a romantic moment with your spouse either it’s the valentine period or not.

Exquisite Hiking Paths: If you’re one for the outdoors who’s interested in mountain trails and hilly routes. Cyprus has got you covered. You could head out to brave the climb up to the castle of St. Hilarion’s- or rather what’s left of it- the ruins of the ancient castle which was said by legend to have been built by a fairy queen who seduced local shepherds. There’s also the beautiful mountains and hilly region that lie beyond the villages of the Troodos Massif which is local parlance for Troodos Mountains. If you’re not so besotted with heights but still want to enjoy the outdoors, there are infinite options for you. You could choose a leisurely walk through any of the quiet little towns around the island.


If you love travelling and nature, Cyprus is a destination you really want to have in your travelling itinerary.


Vacation Ideas for Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country with a mix of the picturesque historic sites, turquoise blue waters, breathtaking landscapes, etc. These incredible places make Turkey stand out as one of the most popular holiday spots in the world. It is very diverse in culture combining influences from the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Balkans. Our friend Malik at PG Used Appliances recently came back from Turkey and recommended some sites. Here are 5 destinations that a must-see in Turkey.

  • MardinVacation Ideas

Mardin is the capital of Mardin province and it is located on a hilltop that overlooks Mesopotamia plains in southeastern Turkey. This beautiful city has a rich cultural diversity with sandstone buildings along the hills as you go down. It is believed to be one of the oldest settlements in the region. You can tour this region on foot where you will also get to see one of the oldest monasteries and terraced houses.

  • Antalya

Antalya is a natural beauty with amazing beaches, museums, and historical ruins. The easiest way to get here is from Antalya airport. April and October are some of the best months to visit this place. Some of the interesting things you will see in this region are ruins, an old harbor, a maze-like town, Mount Tahtali, etc.

  • Istanbul

Istanbul is a perfect description of the East meets the West. During the day, it oozes of its cultural background while during the night, the parties don’t stop. Istanbul has intricate architecture, exquisite cuisines, and unforgettable cultural experiences. The best time to visit is in September and November with direct flights available to Istanbul airport. There is so much to do in Istanbul like take the Bosphorus cruise, visit the beautiful mosques, the charming villages, the largest covered markets in the world, etc.

  • Cappadocia

This region has been popularized by its unusual landscape formations similar to cones, chimneys, and pinnacles. It is attributed to natural processes of erosion and volcanic eruptions. Mankind then decided to carve out buildings, churches, cities, etc., from the soft rock, thousands of years ago. The original purpose was for the Hittites to seek shelter in underground tunnels from the Greeks and Persians who were invading their territory. Some of the ancient caves are in use today as tourist hotels and restaurants. Other than the beautiful features you will see, there is a lot of history you will learn from this region.

  • Bodrum

Bodrum hosts fantastic beaches, resorts in clifftop areas, ruins, museums, etc. Mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the world, once called Bodrum home. It is the perfect blend of archaeological history and a spectacular seaside area. June and September are the perfect months of the year to visit this place. Head down to the St. Peter Castle, healing springs, charming villages, boat harbors, etc. You are guaranteed to carry with you memorable experiences from all these regions.


Vacation Ideas for Asheville North Carolina and Surrounding Areas

Asheville has been named one of the top destination in America for 2017. It is a perfect getaway for some alone time, adventure with family and friends, or some romantic time with your partner. It might be just a small city in North Carolina, but it houses spectacular scenery and exquisite cuisines that will never leave your mind. If you enjoy the outdoors, Asheville has some of these amazing sights to offer. Some of them are;

  • Biltmore EstateNorth Carolina

This magnificent estate built on an 8000-acre piece of land is simply breathtaking The intricate architecture hosts the 250 room French Renaissance chateau. The lavish surroundings add to the glamour of this house which was built in 1895. The house has 43 bathrooms, 65 fireplaces, an indoor pool and a bowling alley; all under one roof. The grounds of Biltmore Estate also host a winery where you will get to enjoy free wine tasting.

  • Appalachian Trail

The trail is 2180 miles which is quite a long distance to walk. This distance spans across 14 states with some miles going as far as the Tennessee border. However, you still get a chance to enjoy the scenery at certain designated points without walking the whole journey. At different points, you will get a view of the stunning Great Smoky Mountains. Hiking can take as long as a week but bear in mind you’ll need permits to hike and camp in some of those areas. The view from the top will make the treacherous climb all worth it.

  • Asheville Urban Trail

A great way to get a feel of the city’s architectural and cultural history is to walk this trail. It has 30 stops and is a 1.7-mile-long trail. Each of the stops has a sculpture that represents an important person or event recorded in history. You can take this tour on your own without a guide.

  • Breweries

Asheville has more breweries per capita than any other location in the United States. It is the beer capital of the southeast region. The locals and visitors enjoy sampling pints as they take walks along all the different trails available.

  • Pisgah National Forest

Pisgah is abuzz with activity and beautiful vistas to enhance your outdoor experience. Waterfalls, nature trails, and swimming holes are a common sight on the expansive grounds of this national forest. It also hosts the first forestry school in the United States and Mississippi river’s highest peak.

  • River Arts District

River Arts District is vibrant with activity and possesses a rich cultural background. The previously abandoned houses have been turned to studios along with several other businesses that are on the rise daily. You get to experience artists at work and even carry home souvenirs with you. The ribs and the cold beers as people get to unwind have become a favorite chill spot at the end of the day.

Resort Hotels

There are some amazing resort hotels in Asheville. The Omni Grove Park Inn has a spa and golf course and a view to die for since it is on a hillside. The view is as good or better than Biltmore’s which is saying something. The Grand Bohemian Hotel is gorgeous on the inside but is in downtown Asheville and doesn’t have the views and the external ambiance.

How to Travel to and Around Asheville

  • Road Transport

If you prefer to travel by car, Asheville is accessible from the north and west through 1-23/19A, east and west through 1-40. Southeast through 1-26 and circles the city via 1-240.

  • Air Transport

Asheville has a regional Airport well serviced by airlines such as Continental, Delta, US, and United Airways. Once you get to the airport, buses and taxis are available to ferry you off to your desired location. Some hotels offer free transport using airport shuttles so you might have to check with yours upon booking.


Party Bus Rental Suggestions

Most rental companies have buses that allow from 12 up to 50 persons seating capacity. Tile floors, stereos, freezing A/C, great lighting, and much more amazing features are what you will find in these party buses. They are mostly used for weddings, birthday parties, prom parties, corporate functions, etc. Annapolis Limo Service ( has a nice selection as an example

Consider the following when choosing a rental party bus.Party bus

  1. Size of the group

This is the most crucial information for the rental company and your group. It aids in proper planning and suggestions for your party.

  1. Budget

The cost will differ depending on the luxury amenities available in different vehicles, and the number of passengers for the occasion. Different budget prices have different packages each with their own luxury touches.

  1. Function

Is it a birthday party, sorority events or a corporate event? This will also determine the type of ride you will receive.

  1. Comfort

Comfort will only be ensured by an appropriately sized vehicle. It is often recommended to allow a leeway for one or two extra seats. If you are a group of 18 passengers, get a 20 person bus. Cramming up a large group of people into a small bus is not allowed; for instance, taking a group of 30 individuals in a 20 seater bus. There are passenger limits that must be followed.

Choose party buses that have been specially designed with your comfort in mind. Nowadays, party buses are synonymous with luxuriously upholstered sofa chairs that give an impressive seating experience. Floor lighting is also common in buses for visibility as you walk around inside.

  1. Fun

It is a party, after all; unless it’s not. So make sure you can picture yourself inside the bus, unwinding and having fun. If you don’t feel comfortable already in that space as you shop around, that is already a buzz kill. The party buses typically have great sound systems, flat screen TVs, and amazing décor and lighting.

Arrive in style wherever you go!

Why You Should Travel to France

Why You Should Travel to France

Mont St. Michel France
Mont St. Michel

France is a global leader in the tourism industry boasting of over 83 million foreign tourists annually. Europeans and Asians make up for most of the tourists visiting the area; Germans in the lead followed by the British.

Some of the reasons that make France an attractive getaway to a multitude of visitors are;

  1. The city of light

Paris, the capital of France, is filled with romantic images, architectures, and museums. The most popular being the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre museums. It is no surprise that Paris is named the top tourist destination worldwide. Sometimes it goes by the name ‘city of love.’ Over the thousands of years, it has lived up to its name as a renowned capital city bustling with activity. Fashion, art, entertainment, business, you name it. You may also call it the capital of fashion as some of the biggest designer names hail from here; L’Oreal, Lancome, Christian Dior, etc.

France also hosts Disneyland which on its own attracts about 15 million visitors annually. Disneyland prides itself on being the top Europe tourist destination.

  1. A variety of landscapes

If you are looking for snow covered mountains, sandy beaches, cities or countrysides, look no further. France has great cities like Paris, Marseille, and Lyon. At the same time, about 80% of France is a vast expanse of the countryside. One of the most famous countryside regions is the Loire Valley Provence which is breathtaking. If you live in the city, you will appreciate these parts that make up rural France.

  1. Location

Its geographical location may have something to do with its success as a holiday destination. Many travelers are forced to use France to get to their destinations like Spain or Italy. It is also a short distance from places like the UK in unreliable summer seasons, not to mention being a border to 8 countries. This makes France highly accessible.

  1. Food and drinks

A big part of the tradition in France revolves around their French specialties. It upholds its status as the world’s food capital. Frozen or ready made foods are frowned upon in France. Tourists, therefore, get to enjoy these ‘homemade’ delicacies in their purest forms. Home produced wines drunk alongside their meals also pull visitors towards the wine production areas.

  1. Art and culture

France has a rich historical background displayed in the different historical sites present in the country. Dating back to the French Revolution to the Napoleon and the two world wars, there is an awful lot you can learn about how far the country has come. Cathedrals and churches that have stood the test of time are also a great site to see. The museums and art galleries with unique artifacts and art pieces such as the Monalisa housed by the Louvre Museum are listed as common attractions too.

Some of the top places you should visit while in France include;

  1. Paris

Of course, Paris tops the list. Home to iconic landmarks and museums, this city is a powerhouse. Along with an active command to the business industry, it also has a relaxing, romantic atmosphere to it.

  1. French Riviera

This region is home to the glamorous festivals, perched villages, and wealthy, international tourists who frequent the place. It also has a very favorable climate all year long.

  1. Mont Saint-Michel

This rocky island is found off the Northwestern coast in Normandy. It consists of beautifully constructed medieval structures built by monks thousands of years ago.

  1. Bordeaux

This port city is rich in arts and culture, historic sites and beautiful architecture. Surrounding it is wine country where tourists enjoy vineyards, c

hateaux and picturesque villages.

  1. Loire Valley

Home to many wineries with wine tastings and tours, this valley will blow your mind away. It is at the center of France stretching along the Loire River through beautiful villages and is one of the best areas in France for visiting chateau.

  1. Biarritz

This is a seaside resort just a distance from Spain on the Bay of Biscay. Word class surfing and swimming take place here. If you want to bask in the sun and the sandy beaches, Biarritz is the place to be.

It is no doubt that France is a one size fits all. No wonder its international appeal keeps growing. It is most likely the reason why many French nationals also prefer to travel in their own countries rather than go abroad for vacations. France has all these different landscapes and climatic conditions which are a breath of fresh air. Experience their sophisticated culture, amazing food, rich history fine wine and much more.

A Visit To Bali

You may have heard about Bali but you probably don’t know much about it. It’s probably somewhere you’d like to go but don’t even know where it is yet. Bali is Indonesia’s gem as it combines temples, beautiful sandy beaches, luxurious places, rice fields, and more of the beauty of nature. When you decide you’ve had enough relaxation time on the beach you can go inwards experiencing the jungle, approaching the volcano, or paying respect to one of the temples. If peace and relaxation is your thing you’ll also find the perfect yoga retreats for you.

When at Bali you have to go to Goa Gajah. There you can drink from the fountain of youth. Yes, you read that right. At Goa Gajah you can drink out of the 6 statues of women who have water streaming out of a pot held at their stomachs. There used to be 7 statues but one of them collapsed unfortunately during an earthquake. Goa Gajah which is also known as Elephant Cave was built in the 9th century. It used to serve as a school back in the day so it’s no surprise that the elephant is a symbol of education there. There you’ll find tour guides who can talk to you about the history of the place for a small fee. Also keep in mind that your legs need to be covered to enter the Elephant Cave so if you insist on wearing shorts or a skirt make sure to have something to cover your legs with.

Mount Batur is one of the most beautiful spots to see the sunrise. Wake up early so you reach the top before the sun starts to rise so you don’t miss a thing. Don’t worry about the cold at the top since the effort of climbing will make you warm and you can rent jackets there anyhow. If you’re an animal lover visit Ubud Monkey Forest where monkeys are free to roam and will not hesitate to climb onto your shoulder. It’s completely safe as long as you don’t bother the little guys. Another major attraction is Waterbom Bali (a water park) and more specifically Climax. Climax is one of the best rides you’ll experience at any water park around the world. You’re in a chamber and suddenly the floor is gone from beneath you as you slide down a tube for four whole stories before splashing into the water.

From temples containing fountains of youth to rides called Climax Bali surely has it all.