You Really Need to Check Cyprus out

What if I told you one of the most enjoyable get-away destinations in the world is located in an island republic tucked away in the Middle East? Most people would roll their eyes and reply with a curt “no thanks”. Believe it or not, Cyprus- a small republic containing islands on the Mediterranean and close to Turkey- is one of the most beautiful places you could go to on a sightseeing adventure. Don’t close the page just yet, by the time you’re done reading this. Your opinion might have been changed and you’ll most likely book a ticket for the next flight to Cyprus.

Cyprus Beautiful Islands- Think about the kind of places we travel to mentally when meditating or practicing yoga. A beautiful beach with grainy white sand. The refreshing feel of the salty sea wind blowing through your hair, against your face and filling your nostrils, down into your lungs and back up through those same nostrils. Foamy rolling waves, rising and falling rhythmically to the cosmic drum beats of the wind roaring in your ear. Clear, turquoise blue waters. A feeling of peace and oneness with the universe. Take this experience a notch higher and you have the experience of vacationing in Cyprus. You can’t get enough of the beautiful views of nature and water from beaches in places like Larnaca, Nissi beach and the ocean view off the town of Cape Greco

Historical Archaeological sites:  Ancient marble Church ruins from the Byzantine times, Mosaic patterns, and designs, castles cited on rocky hilltops and century-old statues… Cyprus’ historical sites look like somewhere from an edition of the Indiana Jones movie. Apart from the historical artefacts being there mostly untouched, there are museums too like the Cyprus museum in Nichosia which catalogue the most important stuff and help you get the historical background. There are myths about the birthplace of Aphrodite (the goddess of love, called Venus by the Greeks) being located at ‘Petra Tou Romiou’. If you ask me, that could be a nice place to share a romantic moment with your spouse either it’s the valentine period or not.

Exquisite Hiking Paths: If you’re one for the outdoors who’s interested in mountain trails and hilly routes. Cyprus has got you covered. You could head out to brave the climb up to the castle of St. Hilarion’s- or rather what’s left of it- the ruins of the ancient castle which was said by legend to have been built by a fairy queen who seduced local shepherds. There’s also the beautiful mountains and hilly region that lie beyond the villages of the Troodos Massif which is local parlance for Troodos Mountains. If you’re not so besotted with heights but still want to enjoy the outdoors, there are infinite options for you. You could choose a leisurely walk through any of the quiet little towns around the island.


If you love travelling and nature, Cyprus is a destination you really want to have in your travelling itinerary.