Vacation Ideas for Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country with a mix of the picturesque historic sites, turquoise blue waters, breathtaking landscapes, etc. These incredible places make Turkey stand out as one of the most popular holiday spots in the world. It is very diverse in culture combining influences from the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Balkans. Our friend Malik at PG Used Appliances recently came back from Turkey and recommended some sites. Here are 5 destinations that a must-see in Turkey.

  • MardinVacation Ideas

Mardin is the capital of Mardin province and it is located on a hilltop that overlooks Mesopotamia plains in southeastern Turkey. This beautiful city has a rich cultural diversity with sandstone buildings along the hills as you go down. It is believed to be one of the oldest settlements in the region. You can tour this region on foot where you will also get to see one of the oldest monasteries and terraced houses.

  • Antalya

Antalya is a natural beauty with amazing beaches, museums, and historical ruins. The easiest way to get here is from Antalya airport. April and October are some of the best months to visit this place. Some of the interesting things you will see in this region are ruins, an old harbor, a maze-like town, Mount Tahtali, etc.

  • Istanbul

Istanbul is a perfect description of the East meets the West. During the day, it oozes of its cultural background while during the night, the parties don’t stop. Istanbul has intricate architecture, exquisite cuisines, and unforgettable cultural experiences. The best time to visit is in September and November with direct flights available to Istanbul airport. There is so much to do in Istanbul like take the Bosphorus cruise, visit the beautiful mosques, the charming villages, the largest covered markets in the world, etc.

  • Cappadocia

This region has been popularized by its unusual landscape formations similar to cones, chimneys, and pinnacles. It is attributed to natural processes of erosion and volcanic eruptions. Mankind then decided to carve out buildings, churches, cities, etc., from the soft rock, thousands of years ago. The original purpose was for the Hittites to seek shelter in underground tunnels from the Greeks and Persians who were invading their territory. Some of the ancient caves are in use today as tourist hotels and restaurants. Other than the beautiful features you will see, there is a lot of history you will learn from this region.

  • Bodrum

Bodrum hosts fantastic beaches, resorts in clifftop areas, ruins, museums, etc. Mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the world, once called Bodrum home. It is the perfect blend of archaeological history and a spectacular seaside area. June and September are the perfect months of the year to visit this place. Head down to the St. Peter Castle, healing springs, charming villages, boat harbors, etc. You are guaranteed to carry with you memorable experiences from all these regions.