Why You Should Travel to France

Why You Should Travel to France

Mont St. Michel France
Mont St. Michel

France is a global leader in the tourism industry boasting of over 83 million foreign tourists annually. Europeans and Asians make up for most of the tourists visiting the area; Germans in the lead followed by the British.

Some of the reasons that make France an attractive getaway to a multitude of visitors are;

  1. The city of light

Paris, the capital of France, is filled with romantic images, architectures, and museums. The most popular being the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre museums. It is no surprise that Paris is named the top tourist destination worldwide. Sometimes it goes by the name ‘city of love.’ Over the thousands of years, it has lived up to its name as a renowned capital city bustling with activity. Fashion, art, entertainment, business, you name it. You may also call it the capital of fashion as some of the biggest designer names hail from here; L’Oreal, Lancome, Christian Dior, etc.

France also hosts Disneyland which on its own attracts about 15 million visitors annually. Disneyland prides itself on being the top Europe tourist destination.

  1. A variety of landscapes

If you are looking for snow covered mountains, sandy beaches, cities or countrysides, look no further. France has great cities like Paris, Marseille, and Lyon. At the same time, about 80% of France is a vast expanse of the countryside. One of the most famous countryside regions is the Loire Valley Provence which is breathtaking. If you live in the city, you will appreciate these parts that make up rural France.

  1. Location

Its geographical location may have something to do with its success as a holiday destination. Many travelers are forced to use France to get to their destinations like Spain or Italy. It is also a short distance from places like the UK in unreliable summer seasons, not to mention being a border to 8 countries. This makes France highly accessible.

  1. Food and drinks

A big part of the tradition in France revolves around their French specialties. It upholds its status as the world’s food capital. Frozen or ready made foods are frowned upon in France. Tourists, therefore, get to enjoy these ‘homemade’ delicacies in their purest forms. Home produced wines drunk alongside their meals also pull visitors towards the wine production areas.

  1. Art and culture

France has a rich historical background displayed in the different historical sites present in the country. Dating back to the French Revolution to the Napoleon and the two world wars, there is an awful lot you can learn about how far the country has come. Cathedrals and churches that have stood the test of time are also a great site to see. The museums and art galleries with unique artifacts and art pieces such as the Monalisa housed by the Louvre Museum are listed as common attractions too.

Some of the top places you should visit while in France include;

  1. Paris

Of course, Paris tops the list. Home to iconic landmarks and museums, this city is a powerhouse. Along with an active command to the business industry, it also has a relaxing, romantic atmosphere to it.

  1. French Riviera

This region is home to the glamorous festivals, perched villages, and wealthy, international tourists who frequent the place. It also has a very favorable climate all year long.

  1. Mont Saint-Michel

This rocky island is found off the Northwestern coast in Normandy. It consists of beautifully constructed medieval structures built by monks thousands of years ago.

  1. Bordeaux

This port city is rich in arts and culture, historic sites and beautiful architecture. Surrounding it is wine country where tourists enjoy vineyards, c

hateaux and picturesque villages.

  1. Loire Valley

Home to many wineries with wine tastings and tours, this valley will blow your mind away. It is at the center of France stretching along the Loire River through beautiful villages and is one of the best areas in France for visiting chateau.

  1. Biarritz

This is a seaside resort just a distance from Spain on the Bay of Biscay. Word class surfing and swimming take place here. If you want to bask in the sun and the sandy beaches, Biarritz is the place to be.

It is no doubt that France is a one size fits all. No wonder its international appeal keeps growing. It is most likely the reason why many French nationals also prefer to travel in their own countries rather than go abroad for vacations. France has all these different landscapes and climatic conditions which are a breath of fresh air. Experience their sophisticated culture, amazing food, rich history fine wine and much more.